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Love this healing plant based soup for the soul.

Soup! I know it is supposed to be sunny and warm and summery, but when the rain comes, soup can be the perfect easy meal. This soup is my go to when I’m in need of a boost! For headaches, for fatigue, for wanting to feel healthy after eating too much cake, this soup really is for the soul! This…

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red soup with yogurt and pumpkin seeds

Try this healthy warming carrot and lentil soup for #veganuary

Soup Weather, perfect for Veganuary For those of us in the UK, the weather is definitely cold enough to be classed as soup weather! I already have several soup recipes on here, but this recipe is a new one I have recently created and taken a liking to! The Soup Recipe This recipe has a base of carrots and red…

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Okra & Lentil Soup

So today’s recipe is a bit of a cheat! There are Gremlins in my site somewhere and I need to spend time working on it trying to sort it out! So, here is a recipe I created a while ago, but still use regularly. The weather here is cold today – we’ve gone back to 6c (43f) so soup is…

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Chickpea & Tomato Soup

This chickpea and tomato soup is one of our staple recipes! It is our go to quick nutritious meal (or addition to a meal) and we probably make it 2-3 times a month (okay so maybe weekly! Yes, it’s that good 😀 )! I was certain this recipe must already be on Life Diet Health, so imagine when I searched…

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Soup Season!

Soup Season! Well, the weather has definitely started changing now. Oh we still have blue skies and a bit of warmth in the morning – yesterday was even 17 degrees centigrade and demanded sunglasses, but come late afternoon it got chilly! Almost put-the-heating-on chilly!  What’s the perfect warming food… soup of course! This is filling, flavoursome and relatively easy to make…

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Super Soup!

Super Soup! Don’t you just love soup! When the weather is cold, rainy or just dull, a bowl of steaming soup is just the thing to warm you up and brighten your day! 🙂 We usually have lentil soup in our house, or a tomato based chickpea or kidney bean soup, so when I saw this delicious soup on Deborah’s…

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Flat rimmed bowl full of ezo gelin soup with chopped salad topping.

Ezo Gelin Soup! Gluten Free & Vegan

Ezo Gelin Soup! Gluten Free & Vegan What is Ezo Gelin I hear you ask? It’s a Turkish lentil based soup named after a bride called Ezo! The story says that Ezo’s mother-in-law did not like her, so to try to win her over, Ezo made this soup! The soup is now famous all over Turkey and is eaten at…

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Spicy Lentil & Chickpea soup

Spicy Lentil & Chickpea Soup It’s cold! No two ways about it! The UK weather is changing rapidly… we’re still waiting for this Indian Summer but right now it’s jumpers and log fire weather! 🙂 This luscious hearty soup came about to warm us up and stave off the temptation of turning on the central heating before October! Gather Coconut…

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