Breakfast is THE most important meal of the day! Just as you wouldn’t expect a car to work without fuel or power, neither should you expect your body to function after a nights rest without fuel of some sort! I have heard people say that they can’t face anything first thing – that’s fine but within an hour of waking you should nourish your body with something! Whether you have a juice (homemade), a piece of fruit, cereal, toast or a cooked breakfast, PLEASE try to eat breakfast! Here is some more information about the importance of breakfast from The British Dietetic Association.

Breakfast can be as simple as a banana, or as lavish as a fully cooked meal, but what is important is to EAT it!!! 😀

Here you will find some delicious breakfast recipes: some very simple; some everyday quick breakfasts; some slightly more complicated, but all healthy, nutritious and delicious!


Did you know that people who eat breakfast are less likely to consume junk foods and are naturally slimmer than those who skip breakfast altogether! 😀

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