Favourite Websites & Blogs

Everyone is influenced by someone else! We are all encouraged by what we see, what we hear, what we try and often this is a turning point for many to leap into action. Here is a list with links to the bloggers which influenced my online presence! If any of you are reading this… Thank you! 🙂

The first blogger I remember following and anticipating daily emails from was Katie. Chocolate Covered Katie that is! 😀 I then bought her book as soon as it came out, which was mostly chocolate based. www.ChocolateCovered Katie.com

Dana at Minimalist Baker was another healthy food blogger I followed in the beginning. I still receive her emails and I love that she gives each recipe several adjectives such as: smoky, healthy, spicy, hearty, versatile and wholesome.  www.MinimalistBaker.com

If you’re into healthy eating and you haven’t heard of Ella Mills (nee Woodward) a.k.a. Deliciously Ella, then I  really don’t know where you’ve been hiding! Ella has several books, an app, several deli’s and a range of products available in many stores. www.DeliciouslyElla.com

If you like raw food, or if you think you should eat more raw food, then Fully Raw Kristina has some mouth-watering YouTube videos (have a look at her ice-creams, chocolate pecan pie and check out her rainbow unicorn cupcakes). www.FullyRaw.com





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