Substitution List

If you are transitioning to a new style of eating, it can often be confusing as to which foods fit your new lifestyle. Here is a list of common foods you might be replacing along with suggested alternatives. You can find recipes on this site for some of these alternatives such as bread,  ice creamcheese and chocolate.

• Meat/chicken/fish: Tofu, soya, quorn (or vegan quorn), mushrooms, seitan.
• Milk: Dairy free milks – coconut, soya, almond, hazelnut, hemp, rice.
• Eggs in baking: Pureed banana or apple, chia or linseeds mixed with water.
• Eggs in cooking: Mashed tofu.
• Yogurt: Soya or coconut yogurt.
• Cheese: Soya cheese or ground cashews, nutritional yeast.
• Butter: Dairy free spread, olive oil, coconut oil.
• Ice cream: Dairy free deserts or sorbets, frozen bananas pureed.
• Chocolate: Dairy free chocolate or a good quality dark chocolate.
• Plain Flour: Gluten free flour, rice flour, potato flour, chickpea flour, coconut flour, cassava flour.
• Pasta: Gluten free pasta made with rice or corn.
• Couscous: Corn couscous, cassava couscous.
• Cereals: Gluten free cereals, corn based cereals.
• Bread: Gluten free bread, poppadum’s, rice cakes.
• Gravy: Vegetarian/gluten free gravy, passata, homemade stock thickened with cornflour.

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