Tips & Hacks

Here is a random selection of tips and hacks which may make your life a bit easier!  We will keep adding to them.

  • Sweetening Foods (like rhubarb) – add a pinch or two of cinnamon.
  • Reducing the spiciness of food – add a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime.
  • Ripening fruits quicker – put them in a brown paper bag with a banana.
  • De-skinning soft fruits (tomatoes, plums, grapes) – score the skin at the top and bottom in a ‘x’ shape. Drop into boiling water for 10-15 seconds, plunge immediately into ice cold water. Peel.
  • Too many fresh herbs – wash, dry thoroughly, chop, freeze in bags.
  • Make buttermilk – add a spoonful of vinegar (apple cider vinegar works) to any plant based milk and stir.
  • Need cream – put a tin of coconut milk in the fridge, scoop out the solid part (leave the liquid for smoothies) and whip.
  • Baking recipe has egg in it – mix 1 tablespoon ground linseed (flax) with 3 tablespoons water (replaces 1 egg).
  • Easy egg replacers – pureed apple or banana (baking) or pureed tofu or 1 tablespoon gram flour with 3 tablespoons water (savoury).
  • Need a cheesy taste – get some nutritional yeast (great for B12 too).
  • Most UK instant gravy mixes are vegan – even if they say Beef (please check the ingredients).
  • Keep a stash of snacks in your car/desk/handbag for emergencies – nuts and seeds, energy bars, dried fruits.
  • Take a Vitamin D supplement in the Winter (UK) – October to March.
  • Pizza Hut (UK) salad bar Bacon Bits are VEGAN (May 2018).
  • No milk? Blend oats or nuts with water then strain. Add sweetener if desired. Dry the pulp and make into flour.
  • Juice making? Keep the pulp and freeze into lolly moulds, dry out and make fruit leathers or add to smoothies.

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