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Belvoir Elderflower Presse



This is a deliciously crisp and light sparkling drink. The flavour is subtle rather than overpowering, it’s not too sweet and it is perfectly refreshing. We would definitely buy this again @belvoirfruitfarms!

We’re awarding this 10/10







Costa Chipotle Bean & Butternut Squash wrap Vegan & Gluten Free

What a great find @Costa – vegan and gluten free.

This wrap is soft, flavoursome, not too spicy and surprisingly good! However, there wasn’t nearly enough filling in here and it could easily have been doubled and still had room for more! We would buy this again if we weren’t ridiculously hungry!

We’re giving this 8/10 Image result for small copper star





Goodfella’s Vegan Stonebaked Falafel Pizza

Pizza uncooked

Pizza after cooking with additional mushrooms, sweetcorn and cheese.










Kudos to @goodfellaspizza for making a mainstream vegan pizza 🙂 but be warned there’s no tomato sauce and no cheese! We love falafel but this was a bit on the spicy side and a tad overpowering (even with the additions we made). If you buy this expecting a falafel flatbread you’ll be really happy, if you’re expecting pizza then you’ll be really upset! Now we know what to expect we would buy this again as it was tasty, but we would still make additions to it – it’s a bargain at only £2!

We’re giving this 4/10


Tribe Blaze Trails Beetroot

We love beetroot and thought this @the_tribe_way bar sounded tasty. Unfortunately it didn’t live up to its expectations and we didn’t finish it. It tasted of beetroot – which is what it was, but maybe were just not ready to eat a chewy beetroot bar! Maybe other flavours are more delicious?

We’re giving this 1/10


We bought this @innocentdrinks to use as a drink, rather than as a dairy alternative and it was totally delicious! It’s very smooth, creamy and has a delicate taste. We drunk it neat but also added it to a smoothie (with banana and chocolate protein powder). We would buy this again and we are looking out for their other varieties.

We’re giving this 9/10






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