Restaurant Reviews

We love eating out where we can find chefs who can make plant based food! Here are some personal opinions of restaurants we have visited.


 For vegan and gluten-free options, in a non-vegan town… this Mexican chain has to be one of the best options! Whilst nothing jumps out on the menu as being vegan, every branch we have been in (and that’s quite a few up and down the country)! is happy to answer questions and get the chef to make something suitable! Admittedly, I often opt for vegetable fajitas with added mushrooms, extra guacamole and salsa (no sour cream or cheese), with gluten free wraps but they’re so good and at least you know what you’re getting! There is actually a whole gluten free menu (just ask for it) and many main menu items can be made vegan just by omitting the sour cream and cheese. Why not try loaded nachos; five bean chili chimichanga or tacos; mango & avocado salad; sweet potato fries; skin on fries; chili pineapple thins or lemon sorbet? They also do brunch which includes hash browns, mushrooms, beans and delicious smoothies! We’re giving Chiquito’s 9/10… only because they no longer give you free popcorn (and it takes a while to get your food)!



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