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5 delicious recipes you’ll love for Apple Day

Apple Day Today (Thursday 21 October 2021) is Apple Day in the UK! What is apple day? Founded in 1990, apple day was created to celebrate all things apples and orchards. In the UK, you will find many events celebrating this – often tied in with pumpkin activities too. Our local park has held an apple day for many years…

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Back to Basics: Pancakes! (Gluten, Egg & Dairy Free)

Back to Basics: Pancakes! (Gluten, Egg &  Dairy Free) Olympics! 😀 Aren’t they just great! You can’t have escaped them as they are on all the time… all day live or on repeat 😀 My favourite so far has to be the synchronised (3m springboard) diving (England won Gold)! Ooo and the rowing (we won Gold in that too)! Both so mesmerising…

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Apple Jumble! Yes really! :P :)

Apple Jumble! Yes really! 😛 🙂 What’s in a name!? It’s apple season! 🙂 For the first time our miniature apple tree has decided to bear fruits! They are crisp, ripe and juicy! Delicious! In our veg box delivery this week, not only did we get apples in our fruit bag, we also got apples in our veg box! I…

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