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Back to Basics: Quick & Easy Pasta everyone can make

Easy Pasta One of the foods cooked most often in my house, is probably pasta. At least once, if not two or even three times a week, pasta is requested! When you are short of time and want something quick, easy, cheap and filling, pasta is the answer! Any type of pasta can be used, just use whatever you have.…

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Back to Basics: Leek & Potato Soup

This to me is such an easy soup to put together but I realised that if you’ve never made it, you might not realise how easy it is! This version is a healthy vegan, gluten free and slimming world friendly recipe! 🙂 This soup just contains leeks, potatoes, onions, water, a bit of mustard and paprika with some seasoning. That’s…

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Back to Basics: Buddha Bowl

Back to Basics: Buddha Bowl Buddha Bowl? What’s that!? Well, I just realised that it’s been a long time since I posted anything new in Back to Basics! The weather has suddenly changed and the garden is springing into life! 😀 My spinach and chard are starting to grow and the mixed leaves are poking through the soil. There’s some…

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Back to Basics: Pancakes! (Gluten, Egg & Dairy Free)

Back to Basics: Pancakes! (Gluten, Egg &  Dairy Free) Olympics! 😀 Aren’t they just great! You can’t have escaped them as they are on all the time… all day live or on repeat 😀 My favourite so far has to be the synchronised (3m springboard) diving (England won Gold)! Ooo and the rowing (we won Gold in that too)! Both so mesmerising…

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Back to Basics: Perfect ‘Magic’ Porridge

Back to Basics: Perfect ‘Magic’ Porridge Back to basics is a new series I’ve decided to run as I keep getting asked how to do what I would call simple basic everyday cooking! 🙂 Perfect Porridge will be the first in this series and as yet there is no set plan for regular posting! I will still be creating and inventing…

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