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You’ll be crazy for these delicious apple dumplings

This is one of my Mum’s recipes! When I was growing up, we used to always have dessert… every day, probably twice at weekends! I suddenly realised that although I know how to make most of Mums savoury items, the desserts, bakes and cakes I don’t have the recipes for! I had forgotten about these delicious pastry encased apples –…

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Back to Basics: Baked Apples!

Back to Basics: Baked Apples! Are you aware that this week is officially “Bramley Apple Week”? If, you are in the UK, then no doubt you know what a ‘Bramley’ is – as I believe it is native to Britain! Bramleys are large hard green skinned tart cooking apples. The great thing about Bramley apples, is that they keep their…

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