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Banoffee Pie

Banana. Toffee. Biscuit. Cream. Chocolate. Oh yes!!! This is a recipe I have been playing with for a long time. When I was younger, in my pre-plant-based days, banoffee pie was one of those desserts I would always choose! There’s just something about all that creamy caramelly filling, with a crunchy biscuit and fresh banana that makes you feel like…

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You’ll love these easy Banana Muffins!

Yes! Trial and error has created these amazing easy muffins! 😀 Not going out… So, with not going out to get shopping so much, we have once again been baking at home (hooray, less plastic too)! Every day (or couple of days), I ask ‘What shall I bake today?’ As we had a few bananas that were starting to get…

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Fruit Food Fun!

Fruit Food Fun (A-Z Challenge, Day 6) Hello! 🙂 It’s day 6 of the A-Z Challenge which finds us on the letter ‘F’ 🙂 F for fruity. F for food. F for fun. Admittedly these were ready to post last week and were supposed to be my ‘B’ post but instead I posted my Free From Hot Cross Buns! That is…

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Double Chocolate Free From Hotcakes

Double Chocolate Free From Hotcakes  (DEGF) It’s the weekend! Here on Life Diet Health that generally means chocolate, or cake… or both! 😛 🙂 Last night I wanted something chocolatey but I wanted it instantly! I didn’t want to spend ages in the kitchen measuring, mixing, measuring, whisking, measuring, beating and then waiting a further hour for something to cook…

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Choc n Nut Raspberry Sundae Dairy. Egg. Gluten. Free. (DEGF)

Choc n Nut Raspberry Sundae Dairy. Egg. Gluten. Free. (DEGF) Something different from what I was going to post today because the sun is shining and it looks like ice-cream weather! Plus, I got distracted from writing this and I’m now short of time… but I did sort out my recipe for tomorrows post along the way! 😛 🙂 So…

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Tuesday Treat: DEGF Ice cream (Dairy. Egg. Gluten. Free)

Tuesday Treat: DEGF Ice cream It’s freezing cold! There is a shimmering frost all over my grass, my fence, my shed. The bird bath is frozen solid and where their food should be is just a glistening tray. So it’s cold! BUT… that doesn’t stop me wanting to eat ice cream! Well… not strictly ice cream per se but a…

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