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In Memory. My Dad. My Hero.

In Memory. My Dad. My Hero. This is the hardest blog post I’ve ever had to write. I didn’t expect to write it now. Not today. Not this week. Not this month. Not even this year. My Dad survived so many incidents and accidents I thought he was invincible. His heart it appears decided otherwise. If you know me personally, you…

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Sizzling Shiraz Salad!

Sizzling Shiraz Salad 😛 Doesn’t that sound great!? Sizzling Shiraz Salad!? Well, Shiraz is a fantastic variety of mangetout – a purple podded type! No alcohol here if you were hoping! 😛 Don’t be disappointed though because this warm sizzling salad is so delicious you’ll soon forget I even mentioned Shiraz! 😀 Last weekend we were at a Farmers Market…

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Back to Basics: Roasted Vegetables

Back to Basics: Roasted Vegetables Crispy outside, soft and tender inside, a hint of spice and a whole load of flavour! What’s not to like? 🙂 In the UK the weather has most certainly turned Autumnal, several people have already fired up the central heating and the coats have come out of hiding! There is a definite chill in the…

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Kismet & Kofte!

Kismet & Kofte Happy Monday Everyone! Here in the UK most children returned to school today after the Easter break – ours is back tomorrow so one more fun filled day! 🙂 So, today I am on the letter on my A-Z blogging challenge! After having a day off yesterday I almost forgot I hadn’t thought about todays post! 😛 So……

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I = Incredible Invention

I = Incredible Invention! Hello all and welcome to ‘I’ of my A-Z Challenge! It would have been all to easy to make ice-cream for my ‘I’ post so I thought I’d do something a little bit different! This recipe has a bit of a story and I’ve been waiting to post it for a ages as I created it…

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Saturday Spiralling Adventure!

Saturday Spiralling Adventure! Usually on a Saturday I post about chocolate or cake, something which takes a bit longer than my usual recipes in the hope that over the weekend you’ll have more time for baking! 🙂 However I was so excited yesterday I just HAD to share this with you! I know it’s not ‘news’ to some of you but to…

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