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Pumpkin & Pea Bazi

Pumpkin & Pea Bazi Short, quick and minimum cooking time or long and complicated, all day in the kitchen cooking? Which do you prefer? Or does it vary? Do you like weekday meals to be quick and easy but then spend time at the weekend making something more special? Do you tend to use ready prepared meals or something from…

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Moola Bhaji. Bengali Vegetable Dish. Free From.

Moola Bhaji Moola. Mooli. White radish. Daikon. To me, I thought this was just like a giant radish which should be chopped up into salad and eaten raw! 🙂 With a slightly milder taste than the traditional round pink radishes, this was a vegetable I’d often seen but never really given any thought. Hah… well! how mistaken was I! Little…

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