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Love this colourful flavour burst with simple rice.

Jewelled Pilaf! Pilaf, or pilau or even pilav are not words I often use, simply because rice is not something I eat regularly! I have always been a bit cautious with rice – ever since I learnt that it’s one of the main culprits of food poisoning! So, I usually only eat if if I’ve cooked it myself and generally…

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This weekend surprise your neighbours with Eid wishes

Eid! This weekend will see the end of Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting. Once the new moon is sighted, the festival of Eid will start. Eid is a major religious holiday celebrated by Muslims around the world and is a time for celebration, feasting, and gift-giving. This year (2023) it is expected to be on Friday 21st April or…

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Make quick & easy biryani for a delicious Eid meal

Biryani. Biryani used to be something which I only ever saw on restaurant menus. I would be very confused when I ordered it and received vegetable curry and vegetable rice! I never understood what biryani was then! Anyway, a few decades later and I know now that biryani is a rice dish! A very tasty rice dish! I am posting…

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DEGF Speedy Chickpea Biryani… a challenge for you!!!

Speedy Chickpea Biryani… a challenge for you! 🙂 As you probably know I like to use my own recipes which I have created from scratch 🙂 However, this is a challenge not set by me, but by the British Children’s Food Trust ‘Lets Get Cooking’ team. The idea is that this weekend starting from TODAY everyone should cook the same speedy…

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