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Make these unbelievably delicious Blondies for everyone to enjoy

Cherry Blondies Cherries! I absolutely love cherries! When I lived in Budapest, I discovered their love of plump deep dark purple juicy cherries. Sold in paper bags at the side of the road, these cherries were absolutely glorious. Unfortunately, I am still to find any that even closely resemble these, but I still love cherries! Friday 16th July is National…

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Blondies – healthy style!

Blondies are, well, actually to tell you the truth, not something I’ve ever come across! I know! Brownies yes, but Blondies? I’m guessing it’s because it’s originally an American dessert and for some reason, its never really made it’s way over here! So, I asked “what’s a Blondie?” and the response I got was “a person with blonde hair!” 😛…

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