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overnight oats with blackberries

Back to Basics: Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats Quite some time ago, I started a Back to Basics section on here for foods which I am so used to making that I sometimes forget that others might not know where to start! In the winter I love my porridge, but now the weather is sunny, and although I love pancakes, sometimes you just need something quick…

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Back to Basics: Perfect ‘Magic’ Porridge

Back to Basics: Perfect ‘Magic’ Porridge Back to basics is a new series I’ve decided to run as I keep getting asked how to do what I would call simple basic everyday cooking! 🙂 Perfect Porridge will be the first in this series and as yet there is no set plan for regular posting! I will still be creating and inventing…

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Potato Cakes – Freefrom & Vegan

Potato Cakes – Freefrom & Vegan Want something quick, hot, tasty and good for you?! Of course you do! 🙂 These delicious potato cakes can be eaten topped with nut butter or jam, split and buttered, stuffed with your favourite filling or even just eaten plain… maybe to mop up your savoury sauces! Simple, less than five ingredients, wholesome and easy…

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Breakfast the DEGF free… and A to Z Challenge

Breakfast the Dairy. Egg. Gluten. Free. way and the A to Z Challenge Back to school Monday! So much to do so just a quick post this morning! (maybe)! 😛 Seems though breakfast is the way to kick-start your day and fuel your body up ready for whatever you throw at it, it seems only fair that I should post another…

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