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assembled veggie burger on a blue plate. Burger held together with heart topped metal spike.

Quickly whip up these 6 ingredient veggie burgers.

Super speedy burgers. Sometimes it is all too easy to click a few buttons on your phone and order a takeaway when you are too tired to cook and fancy a burger! I’m sure I’m not the only one who has spent a small fortune thinking I am being clever, then immediately being disappointed when a sub-par burger in a…

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mushroom burger on a plate

Try mushrooms to easily make the most delicious Vegan Burger

Vegan Burgers. The great thing about vegan burgers is the fact that you can use almost any ingredient and create something which resembles a burger. Usually, I would use a tofu, bean or chickpea base to bind my ingredients together, this time I have used oats. Mushrooms are a great ‘meaty’ substitute and I often chop a handful, fry them…

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burger in a bun on a white plate

The ultimate veggie burger everyone will love & enjoy

The ultimate veggie burger everyone will love & enjoy This idea would not have come into my head but for my friend Anna who requested I come up with a recipe! This satisfying veggie burger is based on a beetroot burger made by a supermarket… without the plastic packaging! I had great fun experimenting with this recipe and it is…

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Vegan burger stack with salad and skinny bun

Vegan Vegetable & Tofu Burgers

Vegan Vegetable & Tofu Burgers These are what they say – vegan and vegetable tofu burgers! No nuts, no breadcrumbs, just vegetables, tofu and some spices of course! These can be quickly whipped up when you realise you’ve nothing to have dinner, or when you want something easy to snack on. Yes, nothing complicated about these burgers, just tasty delicious…

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Mini Veggie Burgers

Well, these went down amazingly well! 🙂 As with most things in the Life Diet Health kitchen, they weren’t planned, they just kind of evolved! It started with a pack of mushrooms that were saying ‘eat me’ so I chopped them up and cooked them with an onion and some garlic, then wondered how I could make a meal for…

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Homemade Veggie Burgers

Homemade Veggie Burgers We haven’t been trying out as many new recipes as usual, but the other day we fancied some burgers which we could all enjoy. There are so many types of burgers and what you eat them with is probably just as important as what you put in them, but these burgers, these taste great on their own!…

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veggie sausages

Sausages… of the non-meat variety!

Sausages… of the non-meat variety! I love these so much I’ve made them twice in a week! I still can’t decide though if I like them better hot or cold! 😛 I’m glad I’ve got some ready made in the fridge because my cooker… well, my cooker is waiting for an engineer! These are such a handy food to have about…

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Anyone for Burgers? Vegan & Free-From

Anyone for Burgers? Vegan & Free-From Firstly, please excuse the photos! These were so yummy they were munched before a good shot was taken! 😛 I almost made some more just so I could post a better photo but decided to make bread instead! 😀 Anyway? How has your week been? In the UK it was Fathers Day at the…

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Autumnal Cheesey Vegan Burgers!

Autumnal Cheesey Vegan Burgers I feel a bit bad at not having posted all week! Gone are the “I’m too busy to think” days and instead I have the “try all those creations I’ve been saving all Summer” days! Already in my September photo file I have over 30 delicious healthy, free from, vegan foods to share… I just need…

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