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Six ideas for your MacMillan Coffee Morning

Six ideas for your Macmillan Coffee Morning What a different coffee morning it will be this year! However, it will of course still involve cake and donations! There are Covid-19 guidelines to follow, which means (where we are in the UK), no more than 6 people gathering together and keeping 2 metres apart. Precautions around sharing foods means I might…

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You’ll love these easy Banana Muffins!

Yes! Trial and error has created these amazing easy muffins! 😀 Not going out… So, with not going out to get shopping so much, we have once again been baking at home (hooray, less plastic too)! Every day (or couple of days), I ask ‘What shall I bake today?’ As we had a few bananas that were starting to get…

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Sticky Chocolate Cupcakes

Chocolate. Cake. I could just leave it at that as I’m sure you totally get it! 😛 Okay, I won’t, I’ll tell you that these chocolate cupcakes are moist, indulgent and chocolatey, made only of plant based ingredients but able to fool the most unlikely of munchers! 🙂 Of course, you can dress them up, add some fancy piping, buttercream…

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Brilliant Banana Bread Muffins VEGAN & GF!

Brilliant Banana Bread Muffins VEGAN & Gluten Free Well, it certainly seems like summer here in the UK with temperatures staying in the 20’s (68f+) all week BUT that doesn’t mean we haven’t had rain! Oh we’ve had two thunderstorms with sheet lightning AND a hail storm with hail the size of chickpeas! Oh yes! It was noisy! Real noisy!…

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Delicious Donuts! Vegan & Free-From!

Delicious Donuts! Free-From! I hope you have a had a lovely relaxing week! ? We’ve all watched far to much television and generally had a lazy time (hooray! for once!) Okay, so our fridge broke and we had to take it all to pieces as well as having food in bowls of ice on every surface in the kitchen, but…

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Carrot Cake – Vegan & Free-From!

Carrot Cake – Vegan & Free-From! WOW! 😛 😀 If my life got any busier… actually I’m not sure what would happen! BUT, thankfully I had a couple of things cancelled this week otherwise I’d probably be writing this from the sofa instead of the desk! What an exciting week though! My best friend bought her first EVER car! 😀…

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Fast Food with a difference! It’s fast & it’s cake-y!!!

Fast Food with a difference! It’s fast & it’s cake-y!!! So, I’m sitting in my kitchen thinking I need more ‘rest’ time after my very busy week last week! Rest = tea & biscuits (cookies) or coffee & cake right? Of course it does! 😀 I have tea – green tea, mint tea, earl grey tea, English Breakfast tea, flower tea…

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Breakfast Sticks Churros Style… Free From Dairy, Egg & Gluten

Breakfast Sticks Churros Style. DEGF! Anything originally deep fried, sugar laden and very sweet has always disappeared too fast in our house! Think doughnuts 3 or 4 at a time magically vanishing into thin air or churros being eaten as fast as they’re out of the pan! Trying to be healthier and reduce ‘everyone’s’ sugar intake, dairy intake and oil…

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