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Oaty Bites! with Chocolate!

Oaty Bites! with Chocolate! Bites there were… several of them! 😛 I really can’t believe these disappeared so quickly, but I guess it’s just like eating a perfect bowl of porridge yes? Well it has almost all the same ingredients that my breakfast oats would have (okay, maybe not the chocolate), so that makes it similar …nutrition-wise at least! 🙂…

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Mixed Bean Soup (Vegan & Free-From)

Ooo I’ve been cooking this week! SO many delicious dishes in the Life Diet Health kitchen this week I don’t know which to share with you first! The weather has changed, school is now back in full swing and Autumn is well and truly here. It is definitely soup for lunch weather and this week I’ve made a delicious hearty soup…

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Back to Basics: Rainbows & Green Smoothies

Back to Basics: Rainbows & Green Smoothies Recently I’ve been getting my greens in the form of smoothies! You can’t imagine how many people turn their noses up at that! 😛 Smoothies yes. 🙂 Green smoothies no! So, just because of the colour it becomes less tasty? Really? I’ve added this to the back to basics series (along with crumble, pancakes…

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CAKE!!! Free-From & good for you!!!

CAKE!!! Free-From & good for you!!! Hello everyone! 🙂 I hope this week has gone smoothly so far if you’ve had children go back to school, start school, start college or get ready for university? Also to all the teachers out there who have new classes (& new schools!) – I hope it’s going great and you’re all enjoying it…

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Ten minute chickpea wraps & a UK road trip!

Ten minute chickpea wraps & a UK road trip! Back to school! OMGosh! Where did the summer holidays go? It doesn’t seem five minutes since the holidays started let alone five weeks! 🙁 My friends always have mixed views about the holidays… I love having the children about and with lots of planning there’s always something to do! 😀 I’m already…

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spanokopita pies

Picnic Pies! Spanakopita -Vegan & Gluten Free

Picnic Pies! Spanakopita- Vegan & Gluten Free Summer time! 😀 Well, the UK has amazingly been getting a whole load of sunshine! 😀 Woohoo! 😀 Lazy days out, barbecues and picnics are what’s on the agenda! 😀 Look at this delicious picnic plate from the weekend – full of delicious tortilla chips, sprouted seeds, salad, houmous and olives. YUM! Today…

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Stress-Free Holidays and a quick healthy ketchup!

Stress-Free Holidays and a quick healthy ketchup! I know! A different title this week but I thought it was about time I addressed the ‘Life’ section of my blog again as many people find the school holidays tiresome. If, you are like me – you relish the thought of having the kids at home for the summer. 😀 You have…

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Plant Based 1 – 0 Meat Munchers!

Plant Based 1 – 0 Meat Munchers! It’s hot!!! VERY hot! UK has suddenly had #hottestdayoftheyear ! Yesterday it was 32c/90f degrees… again ! This might not seem hot to you (depending where you are), but the UK July average is only 21c / 70f degrees! H. O. T. ! Which means salads and fruits and picnics and barbecues 😀 Which we’ve…

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Lovely Lollies, Garden Update & Free-From Goodies!

Lovely Lollies, Garden Update & Free-From Goodies! Wow! First of all a BIG thank you to my wonderful hubby for battling through London just because I wanted to go to the @Allergyshow & Free-From show! 🙂 Yes, London has the tube (metro/underground) but unfortunately it’s not very mobility scooter friendly! PLUS the parking for the whole day was less than a third of…

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