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Marble bundt cake on a white and gold rimmed plate, topped with strawberries and dusted with icing sugar

Marbled Vegan Bundt Cake

Marbled Vegan Bundt Cake What is a Bundt cake? A Bundt cake is named for the shape of the tin. Some refer to it as a doughnut shape, others just a ring-shaped cake, or indeed, a cake with a hole in! There is no special type of cake for a Bundt as it can be any flavour you wish! What…

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Slice of chocolate cake on a gold rimmed plate with the cake in the background.

Store-cupboard Chocolate Cake!

Chocolate Cake Store-cupboard Chocolate Cake! Who loves chocolate cake? Everyone yes? Well, a little known secret… but not me! I could never understand why people were so crazy about it! Chocolate yes! Cake that is chocolate no! Then, I started making it for birthdays and other special occasions and you know what? Yes, you guessed it! I was wrong! Variations…

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You need chocolate cake! Your special reward!

Yes! Sometimes we just need cake! 🙂 If you’ve had a week like mine… cake is most definitely in order! A good cake will make you forget everything and a good chocolate cake, well, that’s just doubly good! 😛 This chocolate cake is layered with fresh raspberry puree and a creamy coconut layer. So good! 😀 You can layer with…

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Weekend Wonder… DEGF Chocolate Mud cake (version 2)

DEGF Chocolate Mud Cake (version 2) I’m SO excited! I spent most of the day yesterday eating making chocolate cake! I wanted to perfect the recipe (DEGF chocolate mud cake) to make even the fussiest “I’m not eating your DEGF food” friends think that what they were eating was a chocoholics dream. That my recipe would fool even the cake connoisseurs,…

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DEGF Chocolate Mud Cake (Dairy. Egg. Gluten. Free.)

DEGF Chocolate Mud Cake (version 1) Hello! So… now that  I’ve eaten all of the DEGF chocolate mud cake (I did have some help)! here is the recipe 🙂 Did you guess that D.E.G.F. meant Dairy, Egg, Gluten, Free? What a great acronym (say: dee, eee, geee, efff) which I will now start using on all recipes that meet the…

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D.E.G.F. (my new acronym!) DEGF Chocolate Mud Cake! @ LifeDietHealth

It’s the weekend! 🙂   That must mean cake surely!? 🙂 So… D.E.G.F. is my new acronym (DEGF)! Say the letters by name “Dee. Eee. Gee. Efff.” Any ideas what it might be for?  I’ve been having a think and checking out the authenticity of the acronym and it appears this one isn’t taken! @ 17/01/15. I’m hoping to use it a…

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