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You’ll love these easy 3 ingredient cinnamon pastries

Jump to Recipe You’ll love these easy 3 ingredient cinnamon pastries The pastry was not intended for this, but you’ll love these easy 3 ingredient cinnamon pastries! If you need a quick dessert or snack, or even breakfast, these are fantastic! These are crispy and flaky with a delicious delicately spiced soft filling. Perfect! Oh, and I made 25 of…

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Back to Basics: Pancakes! (Gluten, Egg & Dairy Free)

Back to Basics: Pancakes! (Gluten, Egg &  Dairy Free) Olympics! 😀 Aren’t they just great! You can’t have escaped them as they are on all the time… all day live or on repeat 😀 My favourite so far has to be the synchronised (3m springboard) diving (England won Gold)! Ooo and the rowing (we won Gold in that too)! Both so mesmerising…

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Cinnamon Biscuits Free-From and Vegan

Cinnamon biscuits Free-From and vegan These have a surprise hidden ingredient! 😀 So, I am currently studying (what a surprise! am I ever not)! 😛 My current course is to update my plant based cooking skills! 🙂 Having been a regular chef and having grown up cooking traditional dishes sometimes in great quantities (think 200+ covers) changing my diet to…

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