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The Secret Lives of those you love.

Uncovering the Impact of Hidden Truths Today, we are looking at the ‘Life’ and ‘Health’ parts of Life Diet Health! Of course there will be a recipe or two thrown in, but what I really want you to do, is focus on yourself and those around you. In our daily lives, we often navigate a maze of social interactions, building…

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H = Happy Healthy Home

H = Happy Healthy Home This is day 8 of the A-Z Challenge and therefore the letter I did have a couple of ‘H’ recipes but I realised that for several posts now I haven’t talked much about ‘Life’ or ‘Health’ and this would give me the opportunity! Often unless something bad happens, we don’t stop and think about what…

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Tomorrow is another day! Don’t stress the chocolate!

Tomorrow is another day! Don’t Stress the Chocolate! Well! Today hasn’t exactly gone to plan… not that I had a plan as such, but besides trying to catch a glimpse of the eclipse, that is so far all my day has achieved! Okay, so that is not strictly true! I had a phone call from a friend which lasted almost…

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