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C = Chocolate! :)

C = Chocolate! Day three of the A-Z challenge and so near to Easter ‘C’ could only be for ‘chocolate’ ! 🙂 This was an experiment which has been meaning to happen for a long time and I am more than happy with how it turned out! I also made some delicious truffles but I’ll save those for another day! 🙂 This…

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Chocolate! Dairy free!!! So excited!

Chocolate! REAL dairy free chocolate! I wouldn’t usually do this but I’m just so excited! Yesterday I got a catalogue through from a well established British chocolatier (I love my chocolate)! and just flicking through looking at everything I couldn’t eat searching for the dark chocolate pages what did I see which almost caused me to fall of my chair?! OMGosh……

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Caramel Dairy Free Truffles… Valentines treat or eat them all myself!

Caramel Dairy Free Truffles I’ve been experimenting with extracts in the kitchen and I’ve produced a great DEGF truffle recipe! As with many free from truffles, bite, balls, the base is dates BUT these are cooked to create a richer deeper flavour! If you can stop yourself munching on them for breakfast they would make a brilliant end to a Valentines meal,…

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