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beignets or sfenj with icing sugar on a wire rack

Dessert they’ll love you to add to your staples!

Sfenj! Whatever goes in in the world, people still manage to carry on and just get on with things! This week a recipe was shared with me for these Moroccan pastries. Whilst a literal translation is likely to bring up ‘donuts’, or indeed ‘sponge’ these are basically rings of unsweetened fried dough. As you may know, I prefer my foods…

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Dipping Donuts Dunking Doughnuts DairyFree Donuts!

Dipping Donuts Dunking Doughnuts DairyFree Donuts! Day four of the A-Z challenge brings us to ‘D’ Another seemingly easy letter but being a Saturday if you’re a regular to Life Diet Health you’ll know that’s my cake and chocolate posting day! So donuts it had to be! I’m certain when I was at school it was doughnuts!? Anyway, dipping or…

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