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O = Oats & Oranges…!!!

Oats & Oranges Now that’s something you don’t see together every day! Oaty oranges! 😛 We were trying to think up something other than oranges which could be for the A-Z Challenge letter and then I thought OMGosh… I use oats almost every day! Usually I put them in my blender and turn them into flour and make pancakes or bread…

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Fruit Food Fun!

Fruit Food Fun (A-Z Challenge, Day 6) Hello! 🙂 It’s day 6 of the A-Z Challenge which finds us on the letter ‘F’ 🙂 F for fruity. F for food. F for fun. Admittedly these were ready to post last week and were supposed to be my ‘B’ post but instead I posted my Free From Hot Cross Buns! That is…

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