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earth day poster on a tree

Happy Earth Day… what are you doing?

Happy Earth Day… What are you doing? Each year, 22nd April is classed as ‘Earth Day‘! 🌍 What? I hear you ask is Earth Day? Why do we need an Earth Day? What is it for? What can I do? Basically, Earth Day is to encourage everyone to take action on the environment and climate change. This affects everyone and…

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Let’s talk about Plastic!

Let’s talk about Plastic! Yes, it is most definitely time, so let’s talk about plastic! Many of you may have seen my instagram post this week where I reposted about correct disposal of PPE! I also attended an online meeting where all kinds of plastic related things were discussed! Although usually I post a recipe on a Friday, today I…

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Find your rewards at the end of the rainbow!

Have you ever chased a rainbow, hunting for the end, thinking it is just there, just in reach? ? Then you get to where you thought the end was and look up, it is somewhere else. ? So you go over there and still the end is not within reach. ? No matter how hard you try, that rainbow just keeps…

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