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veg curry in silver dish

Make this easy Okra Curry to tantalise everyones tastebuds

Okra Curry Curry is one of those foods which I thought was only for buying from a take-away or restaurant. When a few of my Bengali friends explained their cooking methods to me, I decided to experiment and ever since then, I use curry as a quick and easy dish! You can use a blended spice mix for this (curry,…

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Chickpea curry in a bowl with baked potato, salad and yogurt

Easiest chickpea curry ever!

Easiest chickpea curry ever! Oh my gosh, this really is the easiest chickpea curry ever! If you ever told me that curry could be made so easily, I really would not have believed you! This recipe was created from my laziness and the want for something warming, comforting and nutritious. If you can open some tins, measure spices, chop an…

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Back to Basics: Roasted Chickpeas

Chickpeas! What a fantastic food! We love chickpeas and often just throw them in a pan, or in a soup, or in the oven! 🙂 These pulses are a great source of protein and also contain a healthy dose of iron! They also contain magnesium, potassium, folic acid, Vitamin B6 and calcium! What’s not to like! 😛 If you’ve never…

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Quick Chickpea soup

It is most definitely soup weather! It is cold and wet and this soup is perfect for a very quick nutritious meal. We haven’t had the snow here like the South of the UK, but we had a smattering earlier in the week which was enough for the boys to make snowballs with!  😀 I don’t know how the snow…

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Chickpeas & Chard

Chickpeas & Chard Who knew! Apparently chard grows all year round! Every time we visit the allotment there’s delightful greens, deep reds and yellows to greet us popping up through the bare soil. Not much else is growing now especially since we’ve had frosts this week but the chard… the chard is still there, steadily growing. We use it like…

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