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Apple Jumble! Yes really! :P :)

Apple Jumble! Yes really! 😛 🙂 What’s in a name!? It’s apple season! 🙂 For the first time our miniature apple tree has decided to bear fruits! They are crisp, ripe and juicy! Delicious! In our veg box delivery this week, not only did we get apples in our fruit bag, we also got apples in our veg box! I…

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Sunny Sunday and Dairy Free Ice cream Bites!

Sunny Sunday and Dairy Free Ice Cream Bites I almost forgot to post today! I was distracted by the sunshine pouring through the windows and although there is a bit lot of a breeze it is a glorious spring day! 🙂 So, I’ve been getting my Vitamin D intake in the garden whilst sorting out the bird bath and feeders…

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