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ginger and lemon

Boost your health with these simple to make natural shots

Winter is here. December is here and as well as all the seasonal foods, decorations and activities, it also brings the colds, coughs and flu. This year, keep yourself and your loved ones healthy and well by looking ahead. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure and these health shots give a great natural boost to your immune…

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Cheers! Make your own Christmas drink

Cheers! Make your own (vegan) Christmas drinks! Are you in the Christmas spirit yet? Have you written all your cards? sorted all your presents? written your Christmas menus? organised parties, meals or get-togethers? I’m sure there’s not that many ‘sleeps’ left and you better start to get yourself organised! 😀 Me, erm, well, strictly speaking we don’t actually ‘do’ Christmas but…

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Festive Spiced Mulled-Tea

Festive Spiced Mulled-Tea The Christmas festivities are hotting up! Nativities, carol concerts and pantomimes abound! This delicious spiced tea fits in perfectly! It’s perfect for warming you up on a snowy day, it’s great for sharing with friends (especially for those who don’t drink mulled wine), goes perfect with roasted chestnuts or actually it’s pretty good at anytime! 😛 Gather 1 litre…

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Chocolate Berry Smoothie Ice… Dairy Free!

Chocolate Berry Smoothie Ice… Dairy Free! 🙂 After the last few days I thought that summer in the UK had finally ended 🙁 We have had so much rain that I’ve even had to empty the trays under the tomatoes! This morning however is lovely blue skies with not a fluffy white cloud in sight 🙂 The school holidays have…

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