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What’s quicker than take-out? Cheeky Chickpeas!

What’s quicker than take-out? Cheeky Chickpeas! Do you love the lighter brighter evenings? Do you find yourself having dinner later and later? Well, last night hubby decided he wanted very hot curry (to get rid of a headache)! Realising that it was already 6.30pm (we have dinner at 6pm on a school night) he rang his favourite take-away. Did I…

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Happy St. Patricks Day with Pesto Courgetti

Happy St. Patricks Day with Pesto Courgetti This week has been better! Not that I’ve got much done though! But at least I’ve had a bit of a rest and restored my energy! 🙂 As promised, I’m actually managing to post twice this week! 😀 Today is St. Patricks Day – not that we celebrate it, but it is becoming…

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Pumpkin & Pea Bazi

Pumpkin & Pea Bazi Short, quick and minimum cooking time or long and complicated, all day in the kitchen cooking? Which do you prefer? Or does it vary? Do you like weekday meals to be quick and easy but then spend time at the weekend making something more special? Do you tend to use ready prepared meals or something from…

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North African Inspired Tagine Style Chickpeas

North African Inspired Tagine style Chickpeas How exciting! I’ve just received my bespoke organic vegetable delivery and it looks like I’m going to be busy! As well as the regular vegetables I also have some red Jerusalem artichokes (grown locally in the UK), a very large purple kohlrabi, a tub of mixed sprouts, some golden globe beetroot, fresh horseradish and……

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