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2018… Goals…Veganuary… Happy New Year!

2018… Goals…Veganuary… Happy New Year! Happy New Year to you all! 🙂 I wish you a wonderful evening of celebrations, followed by an amazing 2018. YOU… yes YOU reading this! YOU have the ability to change your life and make it the best you can! YOU have the ideas, the dreams, the aspirations to be whatever you want to be…

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Back to Basics: Rainbows & Green Smoothies

Back to Basics: Rainbows & Green Smoothies Recently I’ve been getting my greens in the form of smoothies! You can’t imagine how many people turn their noses up at that! 😛 Smoothies yes. 🙂 Green smoothies no! So, just because of the colour it becomes less tasty? Really? I’ve added this to the back to basics series (along with crumble, pancakes…

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Mixed Berry Sorbet – Vegan & FreeFrom

Mixed Berry Sorbet – Vegan & FreeFrom Hello! 😀 It seems like ages since I’ve been on my blog but it as (as usual) only a week since I posted last time! I guess because we’ve been on a UK road trip and packed so much into a short space that it appears to have been longer! My boys have…

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Stress-Free Holidays and a quick healthy ketchup!

Stress-Free Holidays and a quick healthy ketchup! I know! A different title this week but I thought it was about time I addressed the ‘Life’ section of my blog again as many people find the school holidays tiresome. If, you are like me – you relish the thought of having the kids at home for the summer. 😀 You have…

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Lovely Lollies, Garden Update & Free-From Goodies!

Lovely Lollies, Garden Update & Free-From Goodies! Wow! First of all a BIG thank you to my wonderful hubby for battling through London just because I wanted to go to the @Allergyshow & Free-From show! 🙂 Yes, London has the tube (metro/underground) but unfortunately it’s not very mobility scooter friendly! PLUS the parking for the whole day was less than a third of…

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Tantalisingly Tasty Tofu! YES really!!! & FREE show tickets!

Tantalisingly Tasty Tofu! I know! 😛 Some of you hate tofu! It’s bland. It has the texture of congealed custard. It just isn’t something you eat! I know! 🙂 That was me about two years ago! I’ve been vegetarian for over twenty years, but tofu… nope! I just didn’t get it! Let me tell you a tofu secret! Tofu is a…

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Aubergine & Chickpea Vegan Bake

Aubergine & Chickpea Vegan Bake So, I am another year older 😀 and have spent almost the whole week being spoilt one way or another! I’ve seen friends, eaten out, been to my parents, had presents, cake, chocolate, been shopping and even been to the park! 😀 Have a look… Anyway, the recipe which I am sharing today is inspired by two…

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Carrot Cake – Vegan & Free-From!

Carrot Cake – Vegan & Free-From! WOW! 😛 😀 If my life got any busier… actually I’m not sure what would happen! BUT, thankfully I had a couple of things cancelled this week otherwise I’d probably be writing this from the sofa instead of the desk! What an exciting week though! My best friend bought her first EVER car! 😀…

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Square white dish with homemade houmous drizzled with olive oil, with a side of sliced pitta bread.

Back to Basics: Houmous!

Back to Basics: Houmous You know, houmous is one of those things which automatically gets added to the weekly shop without too much thought but it’s really so simple to make your own and takes about as long to make as it does to wrestle the box out of the cardboard sleeve and remove the plastic! 😀 Houmous (or hummus / humus) is…

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