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Banana blossom stew in white dish

Is it fish or is it not fish easy onepot dinner

A new challenge this week as my friend Tina asked me to create her a new healthy recipe using fish! I wanted to make this recipe accessible to as many people as possible, so I have made it so very simple as a onepot dish! The flavours in this dish are reminiscent of a Portugeuse fish dish I had many…

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Smoky Veg Bean Chili

Smoky Veg Bean Chili In the Summer, I love the long days, the glorious sunshine, the abundance of fresh salad and fruit, experimenting with ice-cream and times spent lazing on the lawn. In the Summer… I think Summer is my favourite season! 🙂 But now it’s winter I love waking up and hoping there is a frost; that the shed roof is shimmering…

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Easiest chickpeas ever!!!

Easiest chickpeas ever! Well what a week! I’m not into politics… or am I!!!? Hmmm! Well, this is not the place for that and I’m sure you all have your own opinions about what’s going on!?! This week I’ve been very busy… a bit too busy in all fairness! This week is my sons birthday so that in itself has…

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Ten minute chickpea wraps & a UK road trip!

Ten minute chickpea wraps & a UK road trip! Back to school! OMGosh! Where did the summer holidays go? It doesn’t seem five minutes since the holidays started let alone five weeks! 🙁 My friends always have mixed views about the holidays… I love having the children about and with lots of planning there’s always something to do! 😀 I’m already…

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Aubergine & Chickpea Vegan Bake

Aubergine & Chickpea Vegan Bake So, I am another year older 😀 and have spent almost the whole week being spoilt one way or another! I’ve seen friends, eaten out, been to my parents, had presents, cake, chocolate, been shopping and even been to the park! 😀 Have a look… Anyway, the recipe which I am sharing today is inspired by two…

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Green Banana Nut Cutlets – Vegan & Free-From

Green Banana Nut Cutlets – Vegan & Free-From Stay there… don’t run away! 😛 This recipe intrigued me when I first heard about it from Zeba @FoodfortheSoul 🙂 So I went out and sourced green bananas! Not plaintains- actual green bananas!!! If you’ve never had green bananas they are sticky! They are impossible to peel and they are rock solid!…

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Happy New Year & Tasty Free-From Potato & Leek Soup

Happy New Year & Tasty Free-From Potato & Leek Soup 2016 is here! Today is the day for all those new year resolutions to start! If I’d been writing this post ten, maybe even five years ago then I would be thinking top on your list would be dieting, less junk food, giving up drinking or smoking. Now with the…

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Spicy Lentil & Chickpea soup

Spicy Lentil & Chickpea Soup It’s cold! No two ways about it! The UK weather is changing rapidly… we’re still waiting for this Indian Summer but right now it’s jumpers and log fire weather! 🙂 This luscious hearty soup came about to warm us up and stave off the temptation of turning on the central heating before October! Gather Coconut…

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V= Versatile Vegetables!

Versatile Vegetables Happy weekend! 🙂 It’s rainy here… hooray! My plants will be so happy! (and we don’t need to get the watering cans out)! Anyway, please forgive me for not posting cake or chocolate today… this is the last Saturday of the A-Z Challenge so back to normal next weekend! 🙂 Can you believe April is almost over already!…

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