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Melt in the mouth… vegan cookies

Melt in the mouth…vegan cookies Oh yes! 😀 Melt in the mouth and vegan don’t usually go together but these… these are just that! They have a slight crisp shell which breaks through to a soft melty buttery interior. It’s insane… they are so easy to make with only FOUR basic ingredients! 😀 Add your favourite extras such as chocolate…

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Homemade Cereal Bars (Vegan & Free-From)

Homemade Cereal Bars Yesterday we had some very welcome rain. Not hard pelting rain. Not drizzly cold rain. Soft, almost snow like fine rain. The sort you want to stand in and feel on your face (or is that just me!? 😛 ) Anyway, with the rain came a sudden drop in temperature from around 26 degrees centigrade (80 f) to…

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