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Creamy rice pudding

Creamy rice pudding It’s over! That’s the conversation I just had. Summer. It’s gone! 🙁 Today was back to school day for many after the six week summer holiday. We had so much fun. Now back to early mornings, quick breakfasts, homework, routines and… Autumn! I love Autumn! Trees turning from green, to amber, to crimson, even gold. Leaves all…

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E = Easy Eggfree Dessert! (dairy free & gluten free too)!

E = Easy Eggfree Dessert! (dairy free & gluten free too)! Hello and welcome back to my A-Z challenge! Today was a bit of a tricky one to think of, with only eggplant and endive springing to mind (and not my mind either)! 😛 Anyway, I was playing with some ingredients and suddenly this idea jumped out at me! I know!…

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