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quinoa in a glass bowl with blueberries

Surprise quinoa like you’ve never had it before

Quinoa Pudding! The word ‘pudding’ means different things to different people. You might instantly think of a suet based pie as a pudding? Perhaps, you buy one of the range of flavours of something called ‘puding’ in a packet which you make up like a blancmange or custard? Maybe, like me, ‘pudding’ is a word associated with a milky dessert…

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Firni – a traditional rice pudding

Firni or phirni is a rice pudding recipe which one of my Bengali friends always makes for Eid celebrations. She uses a traditional recipe which was handed down from her mother, who used the recipe handed down from her mother. It is still Eid now – it started yesterday (Tuesday), and we were invited to dinner, and how fortunate was…

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Creamy rice pudding

Creamy rice pudding It’s over! That’s the conversation I just had. Summer. It’s gone! 🙁 Today was back to school day for many after the six week summer holiday. We had so much fun. Now back to early mornings, quick breakfasts, homework, routines and… Autumn! I love Autumn! Trees turning from green, to amber, to crimson, even gold. Leaves all…

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Mango Millet Dessert. Free From Dairy. Eggs. Gluten.

Mango Millet Dessert. Free From Dairy. Eggs. Gluten. Good morning all! I’m not sure if Spring has Sprung or not! Trees on one side of the road are stark branches against the grey sky, whereas on the other side the branches are hanging with pretty pink blossom! 🙂 In the morning yesterday the sun was shining, it was warm, daffodils…

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