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Dolma, literally means stuffed! We tend to use the word ‘dolma’ to describe vine leaves which have been stuffed, but traditionally these are actually called ‘sarma’. Anyway, I’m sticking with ‘dolma’ as that is the name we usually use! Then again, maybe we do use it for stuffed veg too as we have this dolma recipe on the blog already!…

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Delicious Dolma… quick & easy stuffed peppers, aubergines & tomatoes

Delicious Dolma… stuffed peppers, aubergines & tomatoes In a previous life (well… it certainly feels that way sometimes)! I have travelled quite extensively throughout Europe, Middle East and North Africa. In the latter two areas, food and eating out has never been a problem as there is always something traditional to try which just happens to be vegetarian. 🙂 One…

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