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Speedy Vegetable Curry

Speedy Vegetable Curry You know when you fancy something but can’t be bothered to cook? Well, this flavoursome vegetable curry can be ready in under half an hour! No kidding! 🙂   The main ingredients are the chickpeas and the spices, but other than that you can play around with the veg and use whatever you have! 🙂 I think…

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Crispy Vegetable Bhaji

Crispy Vegetable Bhaji Yum Yum! 😀 These are easy, quick, customisable and so yummy! We’ve been having a lot of soup this week but we do tend to make enough for a couple of days and then just have something easy with it. These are one of those easy things which go well with soup, or just on their own!…

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Salt ‘n’ Chili Tofu

Salt ‘n’ Chili Tofu Ever had something at a restaurant you wanted to recreate at home? This is one of my favourite Chinese style dishes and although it’s not the healthiest (it does need frying) at least you’ll know what’s in it! 🙂 I never actually thought I’d be able to make this but it’s so easy when you know how! These…

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Nice ‘n’ Spicy Crispy Aubergine! Free From Gluten, Dairy, Egg.

Nice ‘n’ Spicy Crispy Aubergine! Free From Gluten, Dairy, Egg. Another late post after another busy day! I suppose I should really get into the habit of making tried and tested food when I’m in a rush, but I opened the fridge and there were these aubergines! Just looking at me saying “eat me” and “pick me”! 😛 (sorry!) So…

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Chick Pea Curry in a Hurry!

Chick Pea Curry in a Hurry This is one of my favourite meals at the minute. I love chick peas. I eat lots of chick peas! They are tasty, easy to prepare and can be used in all sorts of dishes. Chick peas also of course contain lots of protein… in fact chick peas are almost a fifth protein! A massive…

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