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fruity salad

Surprisingly delicious easy salad with a fruity twist.

Salad days! Sunny days call for salad and this one is a bit different to what I would usually make! A salad can be made with most things, but often we tend to think of it as something savoury consisting of standard ‘salad veg’. So I started with that as a base, then looked to see what else I had…

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Plant Based 1 – 0 Meat Munchers!

Plant Based 1 – 0 Meat Munchers! It’s hot!!! VERY hot! UK has suddenly had #hottestdayoftheyear ! Yesterday it was 32c/90f degrees… again ! This might not seem hot to you (depending where you are), but the UK July average is only 21c / 70f degrees! H. O. T. ! Which means salads and fruits and picnics and barbecues 😀 Which we’ve…

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Leave, Lincoln & Luscious Lasagne!

Leave, Lincoln & Luscious Lasagne! My laptop hasn’t been on since last Friday! I’m not (so I thought) interested in politics, but unless you’ve been hiding under a rock (or maybe in the desert) it’s a bit hard to avoid what’s been going on in the world. Even my primary school aged son came home and said they’d had their…

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Freeeeee! Free From Dairy. Egg. Gluten.

Freeeeee! Free From Dairy. Egg. Gluten 🙂 Good morning! Happy Friday! It’s almost the weekend! and today is the first day in a whole month that I can post whatever I want without trying to contortion it into letter of the day! 🙂 For those of you unaware, for the whole month of April I was partaking in an A-Z alphabet…

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