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Traditional Tagine

Tagine! If you’ve never tasted a traditional tagine (or even heard of tagine?!) then you are in for a real treat. 🙂 Now a tagine is actually the name of the earthenware pot which the food is cooked in, but the food takes the name too! An authentic tagine looks like this… Traditionally I know a tagine to be a…

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veggie cassserole in large pot

Moroccan Inspired Casserole

Moroccan Inspired Casserole If you’re celebrating Christmas next week I hope you’re all sorted?! I haven’t actually spoken to anyone yet who ‘is’ ready! Oh and do you know what they were talking about on the radio yesterday?! Christmas Eve Boxes! Yes! Christmas Eve Boxes! If you’re in the USA maybe you understand this? Maybe you can help with the…

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North African Inspired Tagine Style Chickpeas

North African Inspired Tagine style Chickpeas How exciting! I’ve just received my bespoke organic vegetable delivery and it looks like I’m going to be busy! As well as the regular vegetables I also have some red Jerusalem artichokes (grown locally in the UK), a very large purple kohlrabi, a tub of mixed sprouts, some golden globe beetroot, fresh horseradish and……

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Moroccan Inspired Millet… Couscous Style!

Moroccan Inspired Millet… think couscous and tagines 🙂 Morocco if you have ever visited, is a place full of intrigue, of sights, sounds, smells and colour 🙂 . What seems like an eternity ago, I travelled fairly extensively in Morocco from Sidi Ifni in the South, through the Atlas Mountains, to the now touristy areas of Casablanca, Marrakesh, Rabat, Meknes…

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