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Oaty Bites! with Chocolate!

Oaty Bites! with Chocolate! Bites there were… several of them! 😛 I really can’t believe these disappeared so quickly, but I guess it’s just like eating a perfect bowl of porridge yes? Well it has almost all the same ingredients that my breakfast oats would have (okay, maybe not the chocolate), so that makes it similar …nutrition-wise at least! 🙂…

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Tahini Flapjack: FreeFrom & Vegan

Tahini Flapjack: FreeFrom & Vegan Tahini flapjack? Yes! That lovely jar of sesame paste hiding at the back of your cupboard which you bought to make homemade houmous has a new use! 🙂 I was looking for something which would bind oats together and decided that I’d see what I could come up with! With only four ingredients this flapjack…

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