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Spread the love this Valentines Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is a day to celebrate love, in all its forms. Whether you are in a relationship, single, or simply enjoy the love you have for yourself and those around you, this is a day to embrace and appreciate all that love brings into our lives. For those in relationships, Valentine’s Day can be a special opportunity…

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stack of chocolate and cherry pancakes

How to make Amazing Chocolate Cherry Pancakes

How to make Amazing Chocolate Cherry Pancakes Oh yes! This week I have been experimenting and have mastered how to make amazing chocolate cherry pancakes! These pancakes are soft, fluffy, chocolatey and definitely delicious! Now, let me tell you that I am not generally a chocolate anything fan… chocolate yes, but chocolate cake no, chocolate ice cream no, chocolate sauce…

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Chocolate Cake!

Chocolate Cake! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a chocolate recipe and as I was playing in the kitchen this week and created this delicious light fluffy cake, I thought I’d share it with you! 🙂 This would be perfect for Valentines Day, either as dessert or just to say ‘I love you’! 🙂   I was aiming for…

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Valentines Thoughts & Sugar Free Chia Jam

Valentines Thoughts & Sugar Free Chia Jam Mixed feelings abound on this day! If you’re in a new relationship then this day will probably be filled with loads of romantic gestures   If you’re married or in a long-term relationship then this could be the day where one of you gets into trouble for not doing enough! Maybe you’ve ‘agreed’ that you…

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Happy Valentines Day! :) Dairy. Egg. Gluten. Free. Style!

<3 Happy Valentines Day <3 Smile:) be happy 🙂 Even if you don’t have your own Valentine, you can still enjoy all the love (and chocolate) going around! Meet up for a girly chat, have a blokes night out, take the children to the park, take the dog on a new walk, play in the snow, but have a great day…

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