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crispy squares

4 ingredient easy Halloween snack with marshmallow and chocolate

Crispy Squares. Sometimes a little bit of reminiscing is a great thing! When I was younger, we used to make all kinds of sweet foods. One of my favourites that my late Mum used to make was a crispy chocolate cereal base topped with angel delight. Apt for this time of year, it was usually a green topping (mint flavoured),…

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Satsumas and Chocolate… just because you can vegan style!

Satsumas and Chocolate… just because you can vegan style! Munch munch munch! 😀 I love satsumas! Don’t get me wrong, I love oranges, tangerines, clementines and mandarins too but there’s something about the easy peel, the delicate orange fragrance, the subtle way the segments just separate on their own and disappear into my mouth! oops! Can you eat too many?…

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J is for ?

J is for ? It’s the weekend 🙂 Yay… although after the weekend school is back so that’s a shame 🙁 I just love the school holidays, all the time spent together chatting, playing, baking, learning, days out and lax bedtimes! 🙂 I’ve just realised this challenge is a lot tougher than I thought! No longer can I photograph my…

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Chocolate! Dairy free!!! So excited!

Chocolate! REAL dairy free chocolate! I wouldn’t usually do this but I’m just so excited! Yesterday I got a catalogue through from a well established British chocolatier (I love my chocolate)! and just flicking through looking at everything I couldn’t eat searching for the dark chocolate pages what did I see which almost caused me to fall of my chair?! OMGosh……

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