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Do you really know how to cook Tofu?

Do you really know how to cook Tofu? When I was vegetarian I really didn’t like tofu. I didn’t understand why it was even something people liked to eat! 😛 When I became vegan and thought (wrongly) that I had less to eat (such as no cheese, no eggs), tofu seemed to be an ideal food to try again! If…

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Spicy Vegetable Casserole aka Stewp!

Spicy Vegetable Casserole aka Stewp! How quickly this week has gone! Oh well, I guess it’s only another five weeks to the next school holiday! 🙂 Hopefully next week I’ll get the chance to try out some delicious new recipes that I’ve been planning in my head for too long! For now though here’s a lovely creation named “Stewp” thanks to…

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Happy Chinese New Year: Lettuce Wraps. DEGF

Chinese New Year: Lettuce Wraps (Dairy. Egg. Gluten. Free.) It’s the start of the Chinese New Year celebrations. I thought it was the year of the Goat but it appears that “Yang” translates as Goat, Sheep or Ram so 2015 can be any of those years! 🙂 If you don’t know the story of how the Chinese New Years were…

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