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scrambled tofu

5 ways to learn to cook tofu everyone will love

Five different ways with tofu I used to think tofu was something I could live without! When I learnt how to prepare and cook tofu properly, I realised that tofu is tasty, versatile and definitely something I need! Here I am going to share five different ways with tofu which I hope you will love as much as I do.…

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Chocolate pots and a well deserved rest! :)

Chocolate Pots and a well deserved rest! I guess you thought I might have had a chance to post before now! Me too! 😛 It’s been SOOO much fun being back in the kitchen I’ve spent all my time creating some wonderful recipes… then had no time to post! Oh and FINALLY I finished and submitted my nutrition dissertation so…

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T = Tofu Treat!!!

Tofu Treat!!! I guess you’re thinking I’ve posted the wrong photo!!! 😛 🙂 No! Definitely not! 🙂 Accidentally the wrong type of tofu was bought (silken not firm) and so I had a little play! 🙂 From two main ingredients I managed to make a starter, main and dessert! Impressive hey! 😛 I was going to post all three today… a Tofu…

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