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quinoa in a glass bowl with blueberries

Surprise quinoa like you’ve never had it before

Quinoa Pudding! The word ‘pudding’ means different things to different people. You might instantly think of a suet based pie as a pudding? Perhaps, you buy one of the range of flavours of something called ‘puding’ in a packet which you make up like a blancmange or custard? Maybe, like me, ‘pudding’ is a word associated with a milky dessert…

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quinoa salad in a white square bowl

Batch cook tasty lunch for everyone with this easy quinoa

Quinoa Lunch Bowl Quinoa is one of those foods which is still relatively new to the UK. If you are unfamiliar with the pronunciation it is ‘keen-wah’. Quinoa is a great nutritious food, full of protein – which is especially great on a plant based diet as it contains all 9 essential amino acids. This little wholegrain (althought technically a…

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Crunchy baked polenta crusted tofu!

Crunchy baked polenta crusted tofu! Hey! 🙂 How are you all? Have you all been rushed off your feet (like me) or have you found time to relax and enjoy the sunshine (if there’s been any your way?)? This week in the Life Diet Health kitchen there was lots going on! Double and treble our usual number for dinner on…

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Time for a Curry… Vegan & Gluten-Free

Time for a Curry… Vegan & Gluten-Free The weekly lunch that appears always to be at mine nowadays! 😛 🙂 has moved from a Friday to a Wednesday – mainly to accommodate my best friends change in work schedule! 😀 I usually just rustle up whatever I have in the fridge that morning and it never gets onto the blog,…

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giant baked beans

Baked Butter Beans. Vegan and gluten friendly!

Baked Butter Beans. Vegan and gluten friendly! Yum! Can I just leave it at that! 😛 🙂 These are flavourful, warming and moreish! DEGF as usual (Dairy. Egg. Gluten. Free.) and perfect for these chilly nights which have suddenly jumped up on us! Oh and before anyone notices… these baked beans aren’t cooked in the oven but on the stovetop!…

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Crunchy Spice Baked Tofu Chips

Crunchy Spice Baked Tofu Chips Happy weekend everyone! 🙂 I’m having a very lazy day today as yesterday was so busy! I spent the day coordinating food and drink for a charity event for 40-60 people! We made all of the food vegetarian with a few vegan bits and pieces and even managed to sneak in some raw goodness too! 😀 It pretty much…

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Vegan Cream Cheese… naturally dairy free.

Vegan cream cheese! In my last post I was talking about two types of people. It’s funny isn’t it, when you least expect it that you meet the nicest of people! Twice in the last week I have ‘just happened’ to come across such people! If you are reading this, then yes, I am probably talking about you! 😀 Isn’t…

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Quick Quinoa! (Yes… its Q of the A-Z Challenge)

Quick Quinoa Q for my A-Z alphabet challenge was always going to be quinoa! (pronounced keen-wah). Quinoa is a grain which contains high amounts of protein and is actually one of the few plants foods which is classed as a complete protein! Yes meat eaters! See… there are plant foods which are complete proteins too! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Quinoa also…

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