We are not the only ones on this planet, and we can all do something to ensure that other life can thrive too.

The simplest act is to feed the birds – whether you put seed out in a feeder, on a table, or just scatter it on the floor, this is something everyone can do. No garden, no worry, throw a handful in the park, under the trees or if its permitted, feed the ducks (some places have machines with food in for you to buy).

If you have space, putting water out is also very important for the birds (especially in winter when everything is frozen or in the summer when everything is parched). A small pot on the ground of fresh clean water will always be welcomed, and a larger freestanding water bath will not only be well visited (maybe before you are awake)! but can be vital for the birds to stay alive.

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If you are fortunate, you might have caught a glimpse of a visiting hedgehog! Last year we had a couple who would visit in the Summer – usually about 10.30pm, they will happily eat cat food (they love chicken flavour), or hedgehog food (yes, it’s a thing)! Alternatively tiny cubes of cheese (not too much cheese), chicken or mincemeat, and again, fresh water is a must. Please do not feed them bread and milk.

Have a look at how you can attract hedgehogs in to your garden in this video.

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