4 different ways with the flavour of hot cross buns

4 different ways with the flavour of hot cross buns

Hot Cross Bun choices these days have gone crazy! I have seen salted caramel, toffee fudge, earl grey & lemon, chocolate chip, triple berry, Bramley apple, blueberry, orange & cranberry and many more variations! You can also get savoury hot cross buns (please explain this to me!) in the form of triple cheese, cheese & chilli and even cheese & marmite! However, for me, the flavour has to be traditional! I love the mix of spices and the soft juicy fruit pieces and of course the delicious scent of yumminess which fills the air when baking these!

Which will you bake?

Whatever you are up to this long weekend, I hope you have a bit of time for baking! Today I am sharing 4 different ways with the flavour of hot cross buns! Can you guess which we’ll be enjoying?

Let’s start with a totally traditional regular hot cross bun recipe!

Traditional Hot Cross Buns

Bigger is better? How about the same hot cross bun flavours made into a luscious hot cross bun loaf? This loaf is so good toasted and buttered, maybe with a drizzle of maple syrup!

Slice it, toast it, spread it

If you are short of time, or breads and doughs are not your thing, how about making some hot cross bun muffins instead?

Hot Cross Bun Flavoured Muffins (with chocolate)!

Still not convinced? The easiest way to get homemade hot cross bun flavour is to make hot cross bun pancakes! Yes, you can easily do that!

Chocolate, Flowers & Hot Cross Bun Cakes

Whatever you choose to make (or buy)! I hope it is most delicious! Is it just me that thinks Hot Cross Buns are best eaten with melted chocolate?

This week, I am hoping to be back sooner than you think with a fabulous and very easy recipe. I have been working on this recipe for a while now and it is finally ready!

Let me know what seasonal treats you are having and if you’ve any special plans for the long weekend!

Chat soon

Laurena x


  • tulips79 1st April 2021 at 21:34

    Hi Laurena, it’s a shame I don’t have an M&S here, I used to love their luxury spiced ones with the large apple pieces (I prefer that to the traditional peel to be honest). I’ll be buying the German sort of equivalent of hot cross buns lol. I made some spiced banana bread today, I think that’s all the baking I’ll be doing this weekend 😋 As much as I like Marmite, I don’t much fancy it in a hot cross bun hehe (I’ve been eating Marmite pasta quite a lot recently, though). We don’t have much planned this weekend apart from long walks somewhere or other and usual shopping on Saturday (will be quite busy as supermarkets are closed on Good Friday and Easter Sunday & Monday here- when I lived in France, stores were closed on Maundy Thursday too). Looking fwd to the cooler weather, been around 25′ all week- I hear it’s been the same over there too🙂

    • Laurena@LifeDietHealth 2nd April 2021 at 18:23

      Ohhh… no M&S? Is that because of where you live or are there just none there? Haha, I would rather apple to peel but I’m guessing that changes the traditional taste? German Hot Cross Buns sound interesting (I might check them out)! Yum to spiced banana bread – I think I need to make some too! We’ve got new Marmite and it’s spicy! Yum yum! I’ve been putting it on everything! Oh, you lived in France too? I missed that one! 😛 It was warm for a couple of days here – but only a couple! Back at 5c now and apparently Monday will be cold and windy all day! Easter weekend = DIY over here, and there’s LOTS to do! Send me the 25c please – I need it for my greenhouse! 😛 xxx

  • tulips79 2nd April 2021 at 19:23

    Oooh, spicy Marmite? Another item to add to my amazon.de list hehe. I’ve still got two large jars with an April 21 best before so I’ll get through those first lol (I doubt it ever goes off though). I could be wrong here but I don’t think there have ever been M&Ss in Germany but there were definitely stores in France when I lived in Strasbourg around 20years ago (I could’ve sworn I mentioned that before but, again, I could be wrong). Yes, I suppose you’re right about the apple changing the original taste…but not as much as orange and chocolate- that’s one of the tamer ones compared to the other combos you mentioned! Ahh, yes, bank holiday DIY…I’d forgotten about that, it’s been so long since we’ve done that- not since we left old Blighty😋Good luck with it all, hope it won’t too stressful xxx

    • Laurena@LifeDietHealth 3rd April 2021 at 14:58

      Yesss… Dynamite Chilli Marmite!!! 😍 Chilly here again today and back to football 🤦🏽‍♀️ DIY is going okay…


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