As the Sun Sets on 2019, Plan your Happy New Decade!

I was so wrapped up in everything I hadn’t even realised that we were not only at the end of the year, but at the end of the second decade of this millennium! ? Now, if that doesn’t make you feel old then you must be one of those youngsters!?

So, what have you achieved this decade❓❔❓

Maybe you fell in love? Got married? Got divorced? Started a family? Got your first pet? Graduated from university? Started a new job? Passed your driving test? Cooked your first 3 course meal? Hosted a dinner party? Learnt to bake? Weaned a baby (or two)? Potty trained a toddler? Grew your own vegetables for the first time? Picked fruit from your own trees? Turned vegetarian? Become vegan? Moved to a new city or country? Bought a house? Decorated a house? Paid off your loans? Saved an injured animal? Started a blog? Built your own website? Learnt another language? Won a tournament? Ran a marathon? Stopped smoking? Consciously lost weight? Met your fitness goals? Completed some volunteering? Donated to charity? Learnt to use social media? Purchased your dream car? Beaten an illness? Gone on a perfect holiday? Gained a new friend?

How many of those have you done this decade? Seriously, go back and count them! 😛 Add your own that I haven’t thought of too! How many is that then? ? How many?! ? Look at all those achievements! Wow! You’re amazing! 😀 All those things you’ve accomplished this decade! Bravo! ??? ?


So… with a whole host of accomplishments from this decade, let’s move forward into the New Year, the New Decade with lots of positive thoughts, great energy and determination to grow that accomplishment list! 😀

Photo taken 30 December 2019 at Horsey Gap, Norfolk, UK.
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