Count the little things… they all add up!

What have you achieved so far today? You might think your list is looking how it started, but likely is you have woken up, had breakfast, showered, got dressed and possibly even made it to work! 🙂

Just because your list today has mow the lawn, tidy the lounge, clean the bathroom, post birthday cards and hoover the house and you have so far managed zero of them… well, that doesn’t mean you haven’t achieved anything!

Likely is you’ve checked your emails or social media, therefore staying in contact with the world! You’ve probably done some shopping, or prepped dinner, sorted the kids and tidied up without even counting any of those as to-do tasks!

If you actually wrote down everything you have done today already, your list would probably be double or treble what you think it is! 😀

So, celebrate all the little things you have achieved today knowing that just because you have a list with nothing ticked off, it doesn’t actually mean you haven’t achieved anything!

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