Greek salad in a dish

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I know tofu is a bit like marmite, but once you’ve discovered how easy this is to make and how tasty it can be, you will thank me! You might be thinking that my easy, and your easy are very different things, but this really is much simpler than you would expect! Of course, there is a much more complicated way if you wanted to make it totally from scratch – that is from actual soy beans, but I’m all about trying to make things simple, quick and fun!

Fresh tofu simply spread on toast

Homemade Tofu Recipe

I have discovered that you can make tofu using just two ingredients! First, you need the cheapest unsweetened soy or soya milk that you can find – this works much better than more expensive varieties. Then you need fresh lemons, for their juice. That is essentially all you need! It’s also incredibly useful to have a muslin or cheese cloth and a tofu press is useful although not essential. The more lemon you use, the firmer the tofu will be, although sometimes this might give a lemony taste. You can dilute the juice 50:50 with water and it will work just as well.

Homemade Tofu

Simple recipe to make soft and creamy homemade tofu.

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Cuisine: Chinese
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Created by:: Laurena @LifeDietHealth
  • 1 litre soy milk
  • 1-2 fresh lemons
  1. Pour the milk into a saucepan and gently bring to the boil. Once boiling, turn the heat off and set a timer for 10 minutes.

  2. Roll your lemons along the worktop (or table) to release the juice. Cut the lemons in half and squeeze the juice into a cup or bowl.

  3. When the milk has cooled for 10 minutes, add some lemon juice a tablespoon at a time. As soon as the lemon goes in the pan, you should see some curdling start! Keep adding the lemon until you can see 2 different liquids starting to form.

  4. Put the lid on the pan and leave it for 15 minutes. You will end up with 2 distinct liquids, 1 clear (yellowy) and 1 cloudy (creamy).

  5. Set your muslin/cheese cloth up over your tofu press or your sieve. Holding it over the sink, carefully (the liquids will still be hot) pour the liquids through the cloth. (You can always pour this over a pan if you wish). The tofu (creamy liquid) will now be in your cloth.

  6. If you are using a tofu press, wiggle the cloth until the tofu is evenly distributed, then fold the cloth over the tofu, one side at a time until it is fully enclosed. Put the press in its base and clip it in. If you are using a sieve, follow the instructions here, but weigh the wrapped tofu down with a plate (or saucer) with something underneath to catch the liquid.

  7. Pour the liquid away and tighten the bands on the press, or re weight the tofu. When all the liguid has been squeezed out, your tofu is ready. Unwrap and store in fresh cold water in the fridge.

  8. Enjoy.

What do I need?

Whilst this recipe is very simple, there are a few items which you may need to buy to make this recipe a bit easier. I may receive a small commission if you click and purchase through these links (this is at no additional cost to you)!


Now you have made your own tofu, there are so many ways you could use it. Depending on the firmness, you could use it as a spread or a dip, adding in your own herbs and spices, or you could try it any of these recipes. Mini quiches work great with this tofu and are easy to customise too. Have a go at vegan scrambled egg and have it on toast or even in a sandwich. If burgers are your thing – tofu and vegetable burgers are great for using up leftover veg. Alternatively, just throw some in a salad and make your own Greek style salad. Tofu is so versatile it is great for sweet dishes too! Most people when they think of tofu in a dessert, automatically think of chocolate mousse which is always welcome and can easily be made into a cheesecake style dessert with a biscuit base. If you missed last weeks post, there was tofu in my delicious fig tart recipe!

Freshly made tofu on toast


Tofu is generally stored in water to help keep its firmness and shape. Make sure the water is enough to cover the tofu and store in the fridge. The tofu should keep for a week or so (if you can resist it for that long)!


How are you serving your tofu? Are you going to make a chilli dip for your crudités, or a cheesy spread for your toast? Perhaps you’re making it for chocolate reasons and maybe you’re going overboard with the lemon and making a tofu lemon cheesecake with added lemon zest and rind?

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Greek salad in a dish
Greek Salad with tofeta by Farhad Ibrahimzade Unsplash


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